How to Install Maxx Remote?

Good part, it’s quite easy!

Desktop Application

Just download the application from our webpage

Those applications are portable, which means no installation is required, just start them.

Server / Docker

Simple Start

docker run --detach --name maxx-remote --network host innosonix/maxx-remote:latest

Once the Docker Container is running, the integrated web server can be accessed via the IP address of the Docker on port 8000.

Manage the persistence

Manage it on your own

You can manage the project files by downloading/uploading the current runtime configuration when switching to a new container.

Using Docker Volumes

The preferable way is to use a dedicated docker volume to store the runtime configuration of the server.

# create a new volume ( only has to be done once )
docker volume create maxx-remote-volume

# start the container and mount the volume
docker run  --detach \
            --restart always \
            --name maxx-remote \
            --network host \
            --mount source=maxx-remote-volume,target=/root \
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