Crestron Maxx Control

Getting started with Crestron Maxx Control Plug-In


The Module Provides Control of a single channel on the Innosonix MA32/D2 range of audio mixer via Ethernet. The driver relies on the REST-API via Port 80 (HTTP) to the Innosonix MA32/D2 Unit.

The Module has been designed to run on Crestron 3 & 4 series processors.

Known Limitations – Sometimes, the unit doesn’t respond or responds slowly to the first command post boot. So on boot sequence we recommend Polling a single channel and then call the INIT function to poll all the required data correctly.


Name Type Description
Init D Starts the module and polls initial settings. Pulse or Latch at the start of the program. Is designed to allow access to poll all channels so is delayed by channel ID to allow a smooth start up
Poll D Re-polls the channel for its current statis
Channel Amp On D Turns on the Power to the Channel Speaker Output
Channel Amp Off D Turns off the Power to the Channel Speaker Output
Channel Amp Off and Vol Reset D Turns off the Power to the Channel Speaker Output and reset the Volume to the default set in the paramters
On/Off/Toggle D Sets the mute status
Channel Volume IN# A Analog to set the output volume between 0-100% (For a slider)
Channel Volume Up/Down D Turns up or down the output volume
Channel Input Off D Clears the Input Channel
Channel Input Dante 1-32 D Quick Selection of the 32 Dante Inputs – with the Input Gain defined at the bottom
Channel Set Patch D Sets the Channel Patch (Input) to the analog values below
Channel Patch ID# A The Patch ID to set the Channel to (IE 1. MADI FIBRE 2. MADI COAX 1 3. MADI COAX 2 4. DANTE 5. AES 3 1 6. AES 3 2)
Channel Patch Source# A Sets the Source ID – Usually set to 1 unless mixing multiple inputs together
Channel Patch Channel A Sets the patch Interface Channel – IE on Patch ID 4 (Dante) each Dante input is a different Channel.
Channel Patch Gain A Gain for the Input Patch Range -72 to +24.


Name Type Description
Channel Name S Channel Name from the Mixer
Channel Amp On FB D High when the Amp Power for the Channel is On
Channel Amp Off FB D High when the Amp Power for the Channel is Off
Channel Mute On FB D High when the Channel is muted
Channel Mute Off FB D High when the Channel is not muted
Channel Volume# A Volume Feedback as an analog value. Range 0% - 100%
Channel dB Level S Text feedback for the current real Volume level of the Channel


Name Type Description
Channel A Channel Number to Control. 1 - 32
IP Address S IP Address of the Innosonix MA32 unit
Dante Gain S Input Channel Gain for the quick select Dante Inputs (-72.0 to 24.0)
Default Vol S - Selection Volume the channel will reset to when the Channel off and volume reset Digital is pulsed.
Last modified February 23, 2024: Rephrase some texts. (245e7b8)